Rodney Dangerfield once starred (if you want to call it “starred,”—no respect) in a cheaply made movie called Back to School. One memorable scene was at the college bookstore and the argument came up over buying new books, or used books. His son contested that used books were already underlined. Rodney retorted, “What if they were underlined by an idiot?” Though it might seem to be a comic statement, there’s a kernel of truth in his response. You have to take it upon yourself to study, no one else can do the learning for you. Also, you are never too old to learn something new.


By far, our Amish trip is the perennial favorite among our tour guests. Not so sure if it’s the fall colors, the food, the shopping, the food, the simplicity, or the food. As you can see, for us it’s the food! A meal is a special time that brings people together to break bread. Meals have always been the way to fellowship and camaraderie. That’s why some feel that it is of the utmost importance that the entire family eats together at least once a week. Busy is not always best. This tour will not be busy. Slow down, take a deep breath, and join us for this fabulous time to get away from it all. Our tour will take place on Tuesday Oct 20th. We will be departing from the Humenik parking lot at 8:30 AM We ask you to park at the west end of the parking lot, closest to CVS. Our main focus will be on the town of Walnut Creek. We are always trying to do a little something different each time. Our first stop will be the Carriage House and Museum that has hundreds of vehicles on display. After that, (the FOOD!) we will proceed to Der Dutchman Restaurant for a sumptuous family-style homemade meal featuring: Pan-fried chicken, Roast Beef, Ham; Tossed salad, Homemade bread, Real mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and a slice of pie. Beverages choices include: Coffee, Hot tea, Pepsi products, Iced tea, and Lemonade. After a few hundred calories in, we’ll take a leisurely stroll to nearby Colbentz Chocolates and the Carlisle House and gift shop. Once back on board the motorcoach, we’ll travel to: Hillcrest Apple Orchard, Walnut Creek Cheese, and make a stop at the ‘Tis the Season Christmas Shoppe. We’ll cap off the day with at visit to the Breitenbach Winecellars. Hopefully the Good Lord will provide nice weather for us and we still have some Fall foliage to enjoy as well. Cost of the trip is $60 per person and includes the meal at Der Dutchman. We will return to Humenik’s by 7:30 PM. Call a friend and call us to sign up today!