Even though Ol’ Tom Turkey over there to the right looks a little glum, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving no matter what your main entrée is. The holidays are an especially difficult time for those who have lost a loved one. Reach out to those of your friends whom otherwise might be eating alone on Thanksgiving Day, and invite them to a seat at your table. Table fellowship is one of the most wonderful things we can share with our families and friends. There is something about eating together, telling stories, sharing laughter, and perhaps sharing a few tears that forms lasting bonds for a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to share your memories of those who either by death or by long distances cannot attend the meal. Telling the stories is great way to have a truly happy Thanksgiving. The story of a life well lived is a powerful thing. Don’t let the football games or smart phones get in the way of growing closer together. You don’t need any media to be social.

This Nov. 11th, make it a priority on your to-do list to thank the vets in your life for the peace that they helped create for all of us to enjoy.

Keep in mind the ritual folding of the flag: “This banner of love and devotion, now being folded, is a Living Memorial of the courageous thoughts of our comrade, the one you came here to honor this day. The blue field represents the sky that overlooks our land, and denotes the watchfulness of our God eternal. The red stripes tell us of the blood, sweat, and tears that have been offered and conquered by our comrade’s devotion to the responsible freedom of his country. The white stripes boldly proclaim the Peace that he helped bring to our generations. This is his flag. This is our spiritual heritage, receive it with the tears of our minds and the faith of our hearts.”


Do you believe it? Yes, Christmas! Let us help get you in the Christmas mood with another terrific tour. With the blast of cold weather spells we’ve had recent winters, we realize that many of you might not want to travel far in December. Then we have the tour for you. The Cleveland Botanical Gardens presents “Glow,” a winter spectacular and one of Cleveland’s most celebrated holiday traditions — now in its fourth year, bigger and brighter than ever before. Call the kids. Bring the grandkids. Share this new holiday tradition and make memories for future generations. On the way home, we’ll take a spin or two around public square and the Christmas Story house. The tour departs from the Humenik parking lot at 1pm on Thursday Dec. 3. We’ll return by 9pm. Cost is $40 for adults and $30 for children 12 and under.


Located on Pleasant Valley Road in Parma, Seasons of Life Hospice is a “small” place that provides “big” service to those facing terminal illness and their families. The facility is a part of The Parma

Hospital Health Care Foundation, a 501 (C) (3) charitable, not-for-profit organization that handles donations received for University Hospitals Parma Medical Center. The Foundation was founded in 1987 in order to build philanthropy supporting the hospital’s mission by: constructing new facilities, purchasing equipment, and expanding hospital services. Seasons of Life has gently cared for more than 4,000 families since it opened. Donor gifts have been used to build the facility and provide ongoing support of the residential and hospice-at -home programs. No one likes to think about the end of their life, but take some comfort in the fact that there are people and services out there to help you and your family when you need it most. For inquiries about Seasons of Life Hospice call 440-743-7330. Whether it be residential or at-home, they’ll journey with you thru your Seasons of Life.