Nothing says “Happy Fourth of July” like the rousing John Philip Sousa March, Stars and Stripes Forever. Music can stir up emotions like few other art forms can. Psychologists call it “redintegration.” Basically, it means that some sensory stimulus such as sound or smell, can trigger a memory so vividly, that it almost puts you back in the moment you experienced it. Many people can remember the first song they danced to with their spouse. The smell and flavor of a Raspberry Iced Tea can take you back to picking raspberries at grandma’s house as a kid. Often grief counselors will encourage people to keep an article of clothing of a loved one who has died for just such reasons. The human brain is a marvelous creation. Our milestone celebrations in life are reminders of the great times we’ve had in the past as well as catapulting us forward to making memories with our future generations. We hope your Fourth of July was a true ooh and ah experience.


AUGUST 11-14, 2015

There are still limited seats available for the Washington D.C. trip. For those who have sent in deposits, payment in full is due by August 1st. For those who have not yet registered, payment in full is due by that date as well. We’re looking forward to a fun time in our nation’s capital and can’t think of anyone better to share it with than you! At $495.95 per person based on double occupancy, you really can’t beat the price. So don’t miss out on this terrific tour and register today! Despite recent unrest in our cities, the good ole’ USA remains the greatest country in the world. The monuments, museums and other attractions make for a memorable trip of a lifetime. Parents, consider signing up for you and your child. With limited resources, schools aren’t always able to provide what has become a rite of passage trip to D.C. for our school children. If interested, please call immediately at 216-265-8700 to secure your seat. We will need you to complete the data form on the back of this document, so that we can provide the hotel with a rooming list. Act now! Details on the tour can be found on our website under the Newsletter Tab.


Always be prepared is an old saying from the Boy Scouts of America. We can’t help but agree. The same is true for end of life planning as well. Obviously, no one likes to think about death, especially their own. While that is indeed a bitter pill to swallow, it is unavoidable.

We at Humenik Funeral Chapel can help you not only plan a funeral in advance, but we offer services that protect your assets, and bring peace of mind to you and your family.

Nothing is more difficult than planning a funeral when the death has just occurred. There are many emotional decisions in funeral planning that are much easier to make in advance with a “clear mind” and no pressure. In fact, having the person whose funeral is being pre- planned gives them the opportunity to make their wishes known so that the survivors don’t have to make those tough decisions. When you’re ready, just give us a call and schedule an appointment to come in and talk about it. We’re here to serve you and help you make for a lasting remembrance for your loved one.