Celebrating the 4th of July often involves family, food, and fireworks. If you were in attendance at the Brook Park Memorial Day ceremony at Kennedy Park Memorial, you would have seen the more solemn of our two major national holidays. Veterans from our Armed Forces, members of our Safety Forces and citizens of all demographics, joined together hand in hand, in thanksgiving for the freedom we have as a nation. Philosophers through the ages have often tried to figure out just what freedom is. There are some who think freedom is the license to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. Others question whether there is any such thing as freedom at all. For the rest of us, we realize that freedom must march hand in hand with responsibility or the result is pure chaos. For, after all, we are the United States of America. We’re in this together: one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.


You don’t need to be a “Parrothead” to enjoy Put-in-Bay, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt! Join us this Thursday August 14, for a fabulous, fun filled dream tour; all rolled into one amazing day. Our excursion begins at 8AM, when we depart from Humenik’s parking lot. We’ll ride in the bus aboard the Miller Ferry to the island. Upon arrival, Joe “The Lost Parrot” Humenik will give us an entertaining and informative tour, highlighting the various attractions and their locations. Our first stop will be the Perry Victory & Peace Monument, an icon of Ohio and US history. We’ll gather for lunch at the exclusive Crew’s Nest patio restaurant with a commanding view of the bay. Be sure to indicate your meal options on the registration form. You can choose from the following sandwich options: Fresh Lake Erie Perch, hand breaded & fried until golden brown with fresh lettuce and tomato, plus the signature Crew’s Nest tartar sauce; a Chipotle Turkey Wrap, with smoked turkey breast with pico de gallo, shredded lettuce chipotle ranch, wrapped in a flour tortilla; or the Summer Chicken Wrap featuring all white meat chicken with spinach, pears, strawberries, feta & candied pecans. Tossed in a pear vinaigrette and wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla. After lunch, we turn you loose to rent a golf cart or rent a taxi to choose your own adventure, seeing what you want to see. We’ll rendezvous at the Crew’s Nest at 4:30PM to take the 6 o’clock ferry back to the mainland. By this time you’re going to be hungry again, we’ll treat you to an elegant dinner at the Sandusky Yacht Club. A fantastic dinner buffet awaits you, featuring: Chef Carved Roast Loin of Pork & Gravy; Chicken Cordon Bleu; Herb Baked Redskin Potatoes; Chef’s Rice Pilaf; Green Beans Almondine; and a California Blend of Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Carrots. If you still have room, an assorted mini dessert table will cap off a meal fit for a king or queen! At the Club, you’ll have a gorgeous view of Johnson’s Island and Cedar Point. This isn’t just a trip, this is the Put-In-Bay Experience! Register right away! Space is limited. Cost of the trip is $95 per person. We’ll return home by 10:00 PM.


The colors on our community room photos have faded a little since the last time we went to Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford, so let’s make some new memories including all there is to see and do. Among the nationally renowned artifacts of the museum are: The Presidential Limousines, from Roosevelt to Kennedy; The Lincoln Chair; Driving America, centered around an unparalleled collection of historically significant vehicles, this remarkable mix of authentic artifacts, digital media, interactive play and personal accounts focuses on the enormous influence the automobile has had on American culture; Made In America, featuring the evolution and innovation that made America a super power of manufacturing; and much more. Greenfield Village itself lets you step back in time to each of its seven historic districts: Railroad Junction; Farms; Edison at Work, which is where he invented the incandescent light bulb; Porches and Parlors; Liberty Craftworks; Main Street; and Henry Ford’s Model T. Cost of the trip is $89 per person which includes luxury motor coach travel, entry to both the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, and dinner at The Spaghetti Warehouse. Lunch will be on your own. We will leave Humenik’s at 7AM on September 10, and will return by 10:00 PM.


Join us on Saturday August 16, 2014 at 2PM for our Family Memorial Picnic at Wallace Lake in Berea. We will have a brief service and balloon release, followed by a cookout and corn hole. It’s our way of saying thank you for the honor of serving your family. Please RSVP on the form above; including number of those attending.


We kindly ask all visitors to Humenik Funeral Chapel to heed our Entrance and Exit signage, as well as the arrows painted on our parking lot surface. They are there for your safety! If you go against the flow of traffic you are putting yourself and others in danger of an accident.