July-August 2018 PDF Newsletter

Why Humenik?

Hello, I’m Linda Wolf, the newest employee at Humenik Funeral Chapel. What you may not know is that I wrote most of the newsletters this past year.  For the past 30 years I worked in the legal field. With this change of careers, I have been asked ‘Why Humenik’?  The answer is simple. We truly care and want to make a difference. One of many reasons, ‘Why Humenik’.

10 years ago, my youngest brother died suddenly before he was 50. My dad, brother, sister and I sat with Joe to discuss what we thought my brother would have wanted. Joe was phenomenal. His patience lasted for hours, as did his endless supply of tissue. Joe is an expert in military funerals as my brother was a veteran. Not only did we have a Certified Military Driver, we had a military funeral.

Last year, my dad, a former marine, passed.   Semper Fi. My brother, sister and I are eternally grateful he pre-planned his funeral. We did not have to guess what dad wanted, or what we could afford.  What a comfort that was! Joe, Mary Lou and Matthew were incredible. We sent him off with a tribute he would have been proud of. He had his pre-planned military funeral, which included a rifle salute, “Taps”, the folding, then the presentation of the U.S. Flag to our family.

Humenik truly honors veterans. There are 3 flag poles in front of our chapel. We proudly fly the American flag, the Ohio flag and the MIA/POW flag.  Under the American Flag, we raise the flag of the veteran’s service, and the flag at the time of her/his service. My dad was really happy about that. He got what he wanted and he saved my sister, brother and I hours of anguish and over spending. I am now a firm believer in pre-planning.  (FYI: It saves money)

As your ‘Communications Coordinator, I look forward to meeting you. If you join us on one of our trips, I will be there. If you have a suggestion, problem, or question, call me. I am here to help. I will be following up with you to make sure that you are doing well. After all, isn’t that what communication is all about?

Still not sure ‘Why Humenik?’, the answer is simple. On one of my first days, I saw Joe inspecting the Hearse prior to a funeral. He complained about the splatter of a few rain drops on the bottom right hand corner. I heard him muttering ‘disrespectful’ as he rubbed them off. Our actions speak louder than our words. I am truly grateful to work with incredible people who really are dedicated to the personal and caring service in the tribute of life. I do not know any other funeral home that cares as much as we do. I will be eternally grateful for this chance to help and serve others, as they have served and cared for my family.   – That my friends, is why Humenik.

Our July Trip – Island Hopping

Join us on Wednesday, July 11th for an island hopping trip to Kelly’s Island and Put-In-Bay. This trip includes dinner at an exclusive club via the Jet Express. We will depart Humenik at 8:00 a.m., so plan to be there at 7:30 for boarding.  We will arrive in Sandusky at 9:00 a.m. to catch the 9:30 Jet Express to Kelly’s Island.

You will be on your own to explore Kelly’s Island. One can rent a golf cart and leisurely explore the glacier grooves, the quarries, the State Park, the lake and so much more! At 2:30, we will board the Jet Express again, and head to Put in Bay. You will be on your own to tour the island.  Some of the sites include Perry’s Monument, a butterfly house and a winery. We will dine at a private club at 6:00 p.m. We will depart the island at 9:45, arriving back on the mainland around 10:30 p.m. The cost of this trip is only $99 a person, so please secure your seat as they are going fast.

Chocolate, Flea Market and Football

Please join us on Thursday, August 23rd for an exciting new trip that involves chocolate, a flea market and football.  What more could anyone want?

Our first stop will be the Harry London Chocolate Factory in Canton, Ohio. The bus will leave Humenik at 9:00 a.m., so please arrive by 8:30 for boarding. We will disembark at the chocolate factory at 10:00 a.m.  At the factory we will be given a tour which takes about 45 minutes. Our next stop will be lunch at the Hartville Kitchen from 11:30 until 12:30 where lunch will be provided. After lunch, we can tour and shop the Hartville Marketplace & Flea Market This one-stop shop location ensures a unique family shopping experience for everyone. Some of the stores include hand-made jewelry, the Bravo Co. 1st Responders which honors veterans, active military law enforcement and firefighters. Some of their merchandise includes genuine ammo cans, hats and jackets. There is also a leather goods shop, a garden shop, grills, fashion and so much more.

We will re-board the bus at 2:00 to our next stop, the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Museum arriving about 2:30. If you like football, you already know that the induction into the Hall of Fame happens in August. The hall boasts an interactive tour. Have a favorite player? The touch screen kiosks include biographies, pictures and movies. The Hall of Fame Gallery houses the bronze bust of each enshrinee. We plan to leave the Hall of Fame at 5:00, to be delivered back at Humenik Funeral Chapel around 6:00 p.m.  The cost of this trip is $75.00. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Upcoming Trips

In September we will be heading out explore different wineries.  Our goal in October is to head to Amish country.  Our last trip to Ohio Station Outlets was fun.  I witnessed new friendships being made.  It was something different than sitting in front of a television set.

Please, join us on our next adventure and we hope to see you there.

The Ins and Outs of the Funeral Processions

The funeral procession started in ancient times as the transportation or movement of people, living and dead, to a final resting place.  Abraham Lincoln’s funeral started on April 21, 1865. It ended on May 4th, after traveling through 180 cities and 7 states via trains and horse drawn carriages. His body was carried from Washington D.C. to his final resting place in Illinois. Today our funeral processions no longer take weeks.  Ohio has laws and special privileges on funeral processions. So here are the ins and outs.

Ohio law grants the right of way to funeral processions, but certain conditions must be met. When the lead car enters the intersection on a green light and if the light turns red, the rest of the cars can continue through. Ohio law also dictates that there must be a pennant or flag attached to each vehicle. The law is specific on the colors. They must be either purple and white or orange and white. Our colors are orange and white. The right or privilege in a funeral procession allows us to drive slowly. Why rush to the final destination? On highway cars in the procession are to give a safe distance between the car in front of you.  It is also illegal to cut into a procession. The law has specific guidelines, yet, we always go above and beyond the basic requirements.

For instance, before a procession, Joe or Matthew gives a talk to the drivers, emphasizing safety. They explain that one need not use their hazardous lights as other places do. To do so would eliminate the brake lights. If the car ahead of you has no brake lights, how can the car behind it know? We make sure that the high beams are on. The impressive touch is that Joe and Matthew know where the high beams are at on each and every vehicle. Our certified military driver and others not only plan the route to the final resting place, they drive it. The escort vehicle has radio communication with the hearse. The pot holes and construction zones are noted and planned accordingly. We are updated on the laws, streets and alternate routes. We at Humenik are so dedicated to life and caring, we go above and beyond duty of the law and other funeral places. We know the ins and outs of funeral processions.

For more information Call 216-265-8700 or email HumenikFunerals@roadrunner.com