With cremation quickly becoming the choice for more and more families, there has been a significant increase in the number of cremation providers across the country, including in the Cleveland area. Oftentimes, new providers will “race to the bottom,” offering ever-increasing discounts in an attempt to convince the market to use their cremation service. But these discounts come at a steep price; the discount providers ultimately must sacrifice quality to make ends meet.

At Humenik Funeral Chapel, we’re different. While other providers attempt to cut costs by contracting services to a third party, we maintain our own crematory. Once your loved one is in our care, they stay with us from beginning to end. This allows us to ensure that every family we serve receives the highest standard of care – a promise other area providers simply cannot make. If you are preplanning a cremation, we are the best provider to meet all your needs.

You can trust Humenik Funeral Chapel to provide the best crematory service

At Humenik Funeral Chapel, we are responsible for the entire cremation process, and ensure it will be conducted in the most professional and dignified manner. We also offer your family the opportunity to celebrate the life of your loved one either before or after the cremation process.

Why preplanning a cremation makes sense for everyone

Have you considered preplanning for your cremation? While we understand making these arrangements is not usually a top priority, it can benefit your loved ones in the future. When you preplan, your family and friends don’t have to make quick important decisions about your arrangements. Your arrangements are clearly stated. Preplanning allows you to carefully consider your wishes while also providing you with the peace of mind that your arrangements will be carried out as requested. If you preplan with us you can choose to prepay now, which locks in today’s prices. Think of preplanning as a gift to your family.

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If you are located in the Cleveland area and have experienced a loss, or just want to plan ahead, please contact Humenik Funeral Chapel at 216-265-8700. We are ready to serve you whenever and however you need.