Humenik Funeral Chapel is a full service funeral home that can help you with all your funeral, cremation, or preplanning needs. As a family owned and operated firm, we put your needs first and always treat you with compassion and respect, just like you were a member of our family. If you live in or around the Northridge area, we are the best funeral home to handle all the details for your loved one’s service.

Benefits of preplanning a funeral or cremation

At Humenik Funeral Chapel, we strongly encourage families to preplan for a funeral or cremation. Funeral arrangements are a deeply personal choice. Preplanning provides you with the time needed to make practical, detailed decisions that reflect your standards, lifestyle, taste and budget. When you plan ahead with our funeral home, you will have greater peace of mind, and your family will not be forced to make emotionally difficult decisions while still grieving your passing.

There are also significant financial benefits to preplanning, and pre-paying, for a funeral or cremation. If you are interested in planning ahead, Humenik Funeral Chapel offers exceptional value, quality, and expert guidance during the preplanning stage.

We offer unique, personalized memorial services

We believe that your loved one’s service should honor their life and achievements. At Humenik Funeral Chapel, we are pleased to offer families in Northridge and surrounding communities endless options to help them create a meaningful tribute to their loved one’s unique life. We can help you find inspiration almost anywhere – in a song, a hobby, a trademark style, a defining philosophy, a lifelong passion – and turn that inspiration into a memorial service filled with thoughtful and meaningful details.

Whatever level of personalization you want to bring to your loved one’s farewell, we look forward to serving your needs.

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